The Approach by MorkelErasmus


The Approach by MorkelErasmus

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this life’s a payload I’m designed to take.
in San Francisco, a ways away
hear sulking sailors who swear on break -
“this life’s a payload I’m not gonna take.”
San Antonio, on Saturdays
I speak to tailors at bars who say-
“There’s got to be more to life, I say-
I want to find love and sail away”
West Seattle, on sunny days,
the wind will lay low, make tiny waves
I’ll open your old diary
and start to make sense of the hints you gave
San Francisco, the sailors say
go talk to tailors for a suit and shave
now I can maybe get you to stay
for just a few more minutes each day.

The Radio Dept. - The New Improved Hypocrisy.

spotify has a linux build yaaas

I keep forgetting not to judge people by their appearances. Yeah, she’s got a septum piercing and a werewolf tattoo and a thing for leather boots, but she’s a sweetheart, and probably the most interesting person I’ve met in a long time.

glaswegians - design

for reference, things to replace league with in my downtime:
-guitar practice
-drum workouts
-book reading
-music discovery
-cooking real meals
-Duo-Lingo-ing Italian
-talking to friends
-running errands (groceries, fixing my damn watch)
-making candy
-learning to code
-reading the news
-writing/finishing songs
-OS configuration
-recording/learning to mix
-practice singing
-doing homework
-rotaract work
-practice signing
-job search/resume work

still getting fucked over by Plasmas, though. That shit is haaaaard.

I’m proud of myself.
I’ve finally started to get my shit together - I get up early and go running, and do stretches.
I start my homework early.
I uninstalled League, so I won’t waste time with that anymore. It was becoming a drag of a hobby.
I went to my first ASL club meeting. I’m going to try and pick that back up, and hopefully meet a few people in the process.
I have plans for this weekend, even if they are somewhat introverted.
I even managed to shave two days in a row. But now my face itches, so I may not do that again.

That post brought to you by Peter Matthew Bauer’s Philadelphia Raga, a song I just now realized is about trying to convince your wife that your marriage won’t end the same way her parents’ did.

I mean, god damn, it’s so subtle and excellent.

Oh honey, it’s all forgiven. Oh honey I believe in love but, Oh honey, he’s an angry guy.
Let’s get down with mickey walker, let’s get down to the 700 club. Oh Honey, I Believe In You