I’m having trouble adjusting to the fact that I can’t buy 16 packs of croissants in the states.

Peter Matthew Bauer - Philadelphia Raga

some good can be gleaned from the walkmen breaking up - good solo records from three of the members so far. Just waiting of Paul Maroon to do one now.

I’m thinking about your mother and father, how you say you can never change them. Oh honey, it’s an evil world.

that was the biggest laugh I’ve gotten out of her in a long time

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Foxing - the Medic

I’ve been listening to this on repeat lately - the vocal performance is so good.

I love the lyrics, too - “yeah, you’re good enough” “But I want to be loved


aww nasa has a page for space technology terms you can use in science fiction


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I’ve got the place to myself during the day.

wish I had a girl to invite over.

Honey, I’m home.

and now I can’t sleep at 3 in the morning. stupid jet lag.

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