the radio dept - the video dept

I have kept your diary on tape, and covered every angle of your face

from ear to ear and then you’d smile

and disappear for a while

The National  - Humiliation

tunnel vision lights my way

I’m pretty well convinced that trouble will find me is the most lyrically brilliant album of the last while.

everything I love is on the table

my dreamhouse is officially a one story home.

Professor Soap - Spacetime Fabric Softener

this league team was a great idea.  I’ve now got three guys who dote on me whenever I feel bad about myself haha

The National - Graceless

all of my thoughts of you…

I’m so frustrated with how tonight went.  I should’ve stayed at the department party with morgan, but it’s a little late for that.  Good to know my hindsight is still 20/20 at least.

today was alison’s 21 run.  I got caught in the splash damage.

my best friend admitted to using my watch to check the time when we hang out. it feels oddly special to know that she counts on a small habit of mine.